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We've created an eBay shop for our clearance items!

There's not a huge amount on there at the moment, but it will be updating soon.

Most of the items are new and unused, but their packaging may be scuffed from sitting on the shelf.



Top 10 Products for Car Garages

Top 10 Products for Car Garages

These are our Top 10 products for Car Garages and by "Top 10" we mean the most popular items we stock.

To go to the product, just click on the images.

If you have any questions about any of these items, get in touch.


Cable Ties

Cable ties could feature on almost every list we ever could write. Alongside tank tape, they are without a doubt, one of the most useful inventions there is. We stock a range of sizes, including metal exhaust heat wrap ties and we can also supply different coloured cable ties. Having different colours is really useful if you need to identify  bunches of wires, hydraulic hoses, etc.


Standard Blade Fuses and Mini Blade Fuses

We not only stock the assorted boxes of standard blade and min blade fuses. We also sell fuse-holders, Littlefuse Low Profile Mini Blade fuses, Littlefuse Maxi blade fuses, Littlefuse Micro2 blade fuses, and glass & torpedo fuses!

Inspection Lights

With the long, dark nights and overcast, grey days of winter fast approaching, inspection lights are essential. The one featured below not only has very bright LED light - 300 lumens, it also has two hooks, two rear magnets and a flexible magnetic base to allow handsfree work in many different situations. It also has a run time of 3.5 hours.


Hex Set Screws

Zinc plated steel high tensile hex set screws... in all sizes up to M12. These can also be purchased as an assorted box.

Flanged Nuts

These are really useful. Holding heat shields on, engine components and so much more!


Repair Washers

These do come in a wide variety of sizes, in both metric and imperial. Perfect for when a hole has become to large over time, or if you've made a slight miscalculation.

Search “Repair Washer” in the shop for the full variety!


Sump Plug Washers

Maybe not one of the most exciting products, but they do what they say on the tin and are another garage essential! They also come in an assorted box.

Black Self-tapping Screws

Also known as panel screws, often used to hold internal trim place. They are also available in a torx head.


Sheet Metal Screws With Washer

Often used to hold front wings onto cars, headlights as well as a variety of other uses.


Drive Rivets

When you've driven through that standing water a bit fast, and blown your wheel arch liner off, these are the things you need. Drive rives are often used for holding wheel arch liners in and bits of trim on. They come in a wide variety of types.



September Offers from Tool Truck

September Offers from Tool Truck

Even if it still feels like summer outside, this month's offers from Tool Truck definitely have an autumnal feel.

It's time to start thinking about extra lighting for those dark nights, and keeping warm when out in the workshop or garage.

Now is a great time to think about tool organisation. A space for every tool, and every tool in it's space.


To see more September offers from Tool Truck, click the image below, or either of the image above.

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