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Innotec Easy Gasket

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Innotec Easy Gasket

  • Brand: Innotec
  • Product Code: 1.1407
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
£30.43 Ex Tax: £25.36
Easy Gasket is a very high-grade and easy-to-use gasket maker.
It will replace or support all standard gaskets or seals for cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, etc. such as in the gearbox, drive shafts, crankshafts, sump or dynamo cover, ignition, pumps, clutch and seals, hatches or rubber areas.

The big advantage is that there is no need to keep large quantities of standard gaskets in stock and that a perfectly fitting gasket can be made in the event that a standard gasket is missing such as for a foreign brand or if the delivery time is too long.

Easy Gasket can also be used along with the standard gasket to seal damaged or distorted surfaces.

Easy Gasket is fast, has a high temperature resistance (up to 270°C peak load) and is highly resistant to chemicals. Despite the good adhesion the sealed components can be easily disassembled and the gasket is relatively easy to remove.

Easy Gasket is also extremely well suited to repairing damaged rubber parts of cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, switch boxes, etc. For example, repairing door rubbers and cracked or damaged cable retainers. In addition, Easy Gasket is perfectly suitable for sealing electrical cabinets and multiple sockets. This is because the product is extremely flexible and has a stretch to break value of almost 400%.

Packaging in a dual chamber pressurised can is less harmful to the environment and guarantees a long pot life. The special valve prevents blockages of the nozzle and does not break off. It also makes it possible to operate the can with one hand.

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